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BSS Africa is situated in South Africa, a business unit of BSS Psychology Services from Australia who are world leaders in the field of Fatigue Management. Their programs for both Employees as well as their Supervisors have been adopted by a large number of International organizations in the mining, transport and petrochemical industries as best practices for Fatigue Management in the Workplace.

Fatigue is increasingly recognized as a major hazard in our lives, whether we are at work or when doing things such as driving. For Employees who have to work at night, the normal demands of a busy life are made worse by the difficulty of sleeping during the day. The other problem shift workers face is the difficulty in staying awake while working at night.

Fatigue is the loss of alertness and capacity to perform safely that results:-

too little or poor quality sleep; working at times you would normally be asleep; or carrying out mentally and physically demanding activities.

When you are fatigued it is hard to concentrate or think clearly and you are at risk of falling asleep. If this happens when you are carrying out hazardous activities it can create a serious safety for you or other people.

The training of Employees and Supervisors to manage fatigue is very important. Our education program will help improve the quality of the Employee life at work and home. It has two main aims. There are to:

Help the employee assess his sleep and improve both its length and quality; and Help improve his alertness and safety, especially when working at nights.

The program is divided into sections, each covering a topic related to sleeping, shift work and fatigue. Each section has information on the particular topic and suggestions on how to address any issues raised.

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