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Contact Person: Gerrit Cloete
Phone: 0827373676
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Fax: 0866115335
City: Cape Town
Province: Western Cape
We help individuals and teams get the "right things" done with as little effort as possible.

Full Company Profile:

The way people are actually dealing with their workload is usually far removed from the way they would like to be doing it.  We help them close the gap by implementing time-proven productivity principles, tips, tricks and techniques using the technology they already know (e.g. MS Outlook) and in which their companies have already invested.

Founder Gerrit Cloete has had the privilege of meeting and working with greats like Stepeh R Covey, David Allen, Barbara Hemphill and Jerry Fletcher, learning from them and integrating best practices into a Productivity Breakthrough system.

Our flagship programme is "Productivity Breakthrough for Outlook Users: 8 Basic Work Habits of Exceptionally Productive People".

We mostly work in medium-size and larger companies, but also have small companies and individuals as clients.

How people and companies benefit:

* Save on average 40 minutes per day per person.

* Have less stress.

* Be more in control.

* Improve work/life balance.

* Use Outlook as business productivity tool and not just for email and meetings.

* Leverage investment already made in IT software like MS Outlook.

Based in Cape Town, but flexible and ready to go where productivity improvement is important - like Swaziland, Dubai, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and many towns and cities in South Africa.

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