Durban HR Conference & Expo



On arrival

Seasonal fresh fruit selection

Spinach and Dutch cheese muffin with pepperdew cream cheese

Oatmeal crumpets with gooseberry jam


Morning tea break

Seasonal fresh fruit selection

Homemade raw oats biscotti’s

Herb focaccia sandwiches and cranberry mousse



Mini roast butternut and feta salads with pesto (Nuts) (V)

Smoked chicken Caesar salad wrap

Brie and figs on olive bread bruschetta (V)

Chicken cocktail samoosas with saffron kashmiri dipping sauce

Vegetable and cashew nut spring rolls with Asian dipping sauce (Nuts) (V)

Sweet chilli chicken satays with spicy peanut dipping sauce (Nuts)

Fish and calamari fritto cone with crispy shoestring fries

Galang chicken and lemongrass pops with sesame coating 

Moroccan lamb kofta, coriander and mint tzatziki

Tomato mozzarella and pesto taster (Nuts) (V)



Milk tarts

Chunky fruits brushed with ginger syrup

Berries cheesecake


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