HR Network Breakfast - Cape Town

Wednesday, 25 January 2017
HRworks invites you to join the HRworks Network Breakfast and enjoy a

networking morning with fellow HR professionals and service providers to the

HR and Training Industry.


How to energise Individuals, Teams and Organisations
for a 2017 kick off!

By Luc Van der Hofstadt,  International Keynote Speaker,
Executive Business Coach and
Country Director of the Mentally Fit Institute South Africa. 

This talk will highlight the importance of the Tripod of Performance: the combination of IQ (be Smart - Brain) + EQ (be Committed - Heart) + PhQ (be Fit - Body). It will also run through the fourth axis, the SQ (the Spiritual Quotient) that is taking more and more importance in our fast changing world.

Only EQ and SQ set humans apart from both machines and animals.

Energy Management is about sourcing Individual Energy, sharing the Energy with the Team and boosting the Organizational Energy.  Energizing individuals, teams and organizations is key to sustainable performance.

Luc will use powerful sports metaphors adapted to corporate environments to give you a new perspective on how to energise individuals, teams and organizations.

During this session he will also present a set of practical and relevant coaching tools linked to the world of sports and business.

About the speaker:  Luc Van der Hofstadt holds a Law Degree from the University of Antwerp, is a Certified Coach from the Institute of Neurocognitivism and is a Belbin Team Role Accredited Trainer.

He also teaches at various international Business Schools such as Insead Paris and is co-author of the book “Management Assistant”.

He regularly directs team and individual coaching sessions for Executive Committees and Managers for corporate and institutional clients in various countries around the world. 

As a facilitator and motivational speaker, Luc coaches and inspires on team dynamics, advises leaders and managers how to manage their own energy, their team members’ energy and their organizational energy.  

Date: Wednesday, 25 January 2017
Time:  08:00 - 10:45

Cost: R220 per person


The Club House @ The Cricket Club at the Constantia Sports Grounds.  
Directions:   Make your way to the Constantia Virgin Active Gym.
The cricket club is to the left of the sports grounds.

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