Facilitate Learning
Assertiveness Training
Emotional Intelligence Training
Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
3 Day Leadership Training
Conflict Handling
Delegating for Success
Frontline Service and Upselling
How to Complete Tender Documents
Coaching Skills for Supervisors
Customer Care Training 2 days
Managing Millennials and Gen Z
How to Plan Effectively
Managing Meetings
Design & Development of Learning Programmes
Collaboration as a Management Tool
LP 2 Organizing as a Management Function (Level 4)
Customer Care Training 1 Day
Minute Taking Training
Diversity Training
Organisational Change Management
Negotiation Skills
Effectively Assertive
Feedback as a Management Tool
Ethics in Management
Personal Mastery
Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Practical Business and Technical Report Writing
Episode #2 A Human Centric Approach to Digital Transformation
Professional Telephone Skills and Etiquette
Developing your Management Potential I
Etiquette, Ethics and Customer Care
Conflict and Diversity
Debt Collecting Training
Business Etiquette
Business Writing Skills
Developing your Management Potential II
Goods Receiving and Dispatch Training
Diversity Conversations
Developing your Management Potential III
Frontline Training for Security Staff
Report Writing
Minute Taking and Speedwriting
MCP Programme (Mature, Confident, Professional)
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Inspirational Leadership
Grounds Maintenance
Office Cleaning and Maintenance
Basic Project Management Training
Presentation Skills
Resilience Training
Design & Development of Learning Programmes
Effective Business Writing
Professional Business Writing
Basic Project Management
Emotional Intelligence Training
Stress and Time Management
Skills Development Facilitator
Negotiation Skills
Frontline Reception I Training
Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
English Business Writing SKills
Dealing with Difficult People
Frontline Reception II Training
Manage your Career like a CEO
Introduction to Outcomes-Based Education
The Management and Leadership Programme
LP3 Leading as a Management Function (Level 4)
The 5 Day Management Programme
Business Report Writing
People Management
Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)
Corporate Induction Boot Camp
Business Etiquette and Cultural Diversity
Customer Service Excellence
Leadership Boot Camp
Management Toolkit: Management Principles
The Story of Ants
Basic Etiquette and Professionalism
Coaching and Mentoring
How to Build your Leadership Pipeline
Minute Taking Training
Office Management Training
Everyday Performance Management that Works
Healthy Living
Customer Care Training 1 Day
Stress Management
Office Administration
Effective Team Leadership Using Emotional Intelligence
Emergency Planning and Control
Emotional Intelligence
Communication Excellence
Effective Service Delivery
Practical Labour Law for South African Managers
Skills Devlopment Facilitator
Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection of High-Performance Employees