FTI Professional Services division will run the two-day workshop Creating a High-performance Culture on 10 and 11 June in Johannesburg for leaders who want to learn to motivate and inspire, and develop their staff's hidden potential.

The workshop will focus on establishing a culture of leadership development and performance improvement. "A manager's behaviour has a direct impact on staff performance, productivity, satisfaction and turnover," says Sav Pierre-Eugene, FTI Professional Services Executive Head. Leaders attending the workshop will discover the keys to

unlocking human potential and building a superior and outstanding organisational culture.

A high-performance culture is one where extraordinary people contribute to extraordinary outcomes.

"Self-limiting beliefs are the assumptions, perspectives or convictions that hold an individual back from reaching his or her full potential and that put the brakes on a person's progress," says Pierre-Eugene. A high-performance culture requires a leader who is able to inspire a team, activate each member's resourcefulness and initiative, and identify ways to build an atmosphere of trust, empowerment and productivity that contributes to high morale.

Workshop participants will discover how to counteract self-limiting beliefs and inspire self-directed action. Self-directed action empowers each employee to take responsibility for their own performance.

"Ultimately group productivity is boosted. This is a must for every manager who really wants to make a significant and lasting difference," says Pierre-Eugene.

FTI Professional Services is a division of Faculty Training Institute. Its key products and services include coaching and mentoring, leadership development and organisational and individual assessments. To find out more about Creating a High Performance Culture scheduled for 10-11 June in Johannesburg, contact Lauren on (011) 807 9478 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Other courses that may be of interest include Quiet Leadership, Practical Change Management and The Intelligent Leader. For more information on these and other short courses, please visit