Since 2009, Faculty Training Institute (FTI) has assisted in guiding an Africa-based energy company in their project management learning and development. At the time that the training commenced, the energy company was embarking on an enterprise-wide initiative to roll out Portfolio Management tools and processes. They were primarily focused on improving prioritisation, governance and management of CAPEX projects.

“To assist in delivering programmes that positively influenced the embedding and sustainability of the new processes, the level of project management knowledge and skills in the organisation needed to be improved,” says Carol Mould (PMP®) ,FTI’s Project Portfolio Manager and Course Designer.

FTI, an EOH group company, developed and delivered customised project management training throughout all of the company’s divisions and branches.

The employees on the multi-faceted training intervention became

familiar with the organisation’s new portfolio, programme and project management processes. The training also led to increased understanding, knowledge and skills in project management best practice within the energy company.

“The training offerings included a 1-day Project Management Overview for senior managers and a 3-day Project Management Essentials course for managers and project team members. The training included an overview of the newly developed Project Portfolio Management processes and templates that the energy company was in the process of implementing, and illustrated how the new processes and templates had been informed by international best practice and standards” says Mould.

In addition to the training, FTI developed a customised Project Management Mentoring framework for project management practitioners. The framework was intended for use by internal mentors who would guide mentees on their journey to becoming seasoned project management practitioners. Once the programme had been designed, FTI assisted with the establishment of the programme by providing advice and support during a pilot implementation of the programme in which four internal mentors worked individually with four mentees over a period of 6 months.

“The pilot was successfully completed and all four mentees graduated from the programme. The programme was thereafter handed over to the client’s Human Capital Division to be offered on an ongoing basis,” says Mould.

“Our belief at FTI is that any successful training intervention is due to the commitment and involvement of a three-way partnership between the Delegate, The Training Provider, and the Employer. Only if all three of these role-players are involved, committed and supportive, can any training add real value,” says Mould.

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