Faculty Training Institute (FTI), a leading national Business Analysis, Project Management, Enterprise Architecture and Testing training firm, is relaunching its highly anticipated, Certificate Programme in Software Testing this October. Its predecessor, the FTI Certificate Programme in System Quality Assurance &Testing - upon which the new format is based – is the professional programme from which many individuals have graduated. The newly remodelled five-and-a-half month, part-time Certificate Programme in Software Testing has been upgraded to meet current industry developments and forms part of a greater roll-out plan of Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing courses that will be introduced by FTI in the coming months.

The Certificate Programme in Software Testing will

be of direct benefit to entry-level as well as experienced testers who want to develop competence in the essential skills and techniques required of modern test professionals. The intensive programme has project deliverables, assignments and continuous assessments built into its modular structure that provide rich and detailed feedback for the delegate to be able to apply proven testing methodologies in the workplace. 

The certificate programme is enhanced with a basic test management tool created by FTI’s QA and Testing course portfolio manager and course designer, Celia Gaylard.   “The holistic tool shows delegates how to track and link requirements, create and execute test cases, log and track defects and create reports. A test management tool is used at every stage of the software lifecycle to plan, build and test quality software,” says Celia.


To ensure that testers better track and manage their team’s test efforts and collaborate more efficiently with stakeholders, delegates enrolled on the programme will be taught how to generate quality test documentation in-line with the global best-practice IEEE 829-2008 standards.


“Even though documents may not be utilised in Agile Scrum, XP and other dynamic best practice methods, the knowledge that needs to be imparted and built into these artefacts will improve delegates’ comprehension of testing processes that are needed in any methodology or SDLC including Agile Scrum and XP,” explains Celia.


Additionally, the programme places a strong emphasis on the personal and leadership skills of software testers. “Interpersonal  and strong communication skills not only open doors to career opportunities and advancement in the field, but also increase understanding between all stakeholders in the SDLC and ensure quality throughout the whole testing process.  Furthermore, it is important that testers lead not only themselves but are also skilled at leading others,” says Celia. “One full-day of the 18 day intensive programme equips delegates with vital presentation skills and techniques. “A professional tester must be able to communicate more effectively with IT Project stakeholders and present their findings.”

This course has a formal assessment structure. To graduate from FTI’s Certificate Programme in Software Testing, delegates will need to complete and pass the following deliverables: deliver a Level Test Plan Document, Present a Test Plan, publish a Level Test Case Document, Anomoly Report and Level Test Report and pass a theoretical exam.

For more information about the FTI Certificate Programme in Software Testing commencing on 21 October 2014 in Cape Town and in the first quarter of 2015 in Johannesburg, please contact Eleanor on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /0216834506 in Cape Town or Annastasia on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /011 807948 in Johannesburg.

Delegates can also look forward to additional new QA and Testing short courses. This October and November, FTI is introducing Automation in Testing, SQL for Testers and Personal and Leadership skills for Testers. These courses complement FTI’s highly popular 3 day Fundamentals of Software Quality Assurance and 3 day Effective User Acceptance Testing courses. Please visit to find out more.


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