Hay Group has launched an exciting new training programme, the HR Booster, that puts the holistic role of HR into perspective for those new to the field of HR and formid-level HR practitioners.  It provides anall-inclusive overview of the individual elements in the field and how they work in synergy with each other to the benefit of the organisation.

The modern world of HR is made up of many distinct but interconnected parts and it is vital for HR practitioners to understand the components of HR and their interdependencies, whether the practitioner follows a specialised or general path.

This five-day programme provides participants with an introduction to

compensation and benefits, job evaluation, talent management, leadership and skills development, organisation design and performance management, and the role of HR as a centre of excellence versus the role of the business partner.

Said Shaun Barnes, Hay Group’s Head ofRegional Reward: South Asia, Africa and the Middle East: “How do we get our HR practitioners or new recruits exposed to the latest developments and global best practices in areas like talent, leadership, reward and work measurement? This programme covers all the essential elements that contribute towards organisational effectiveness and clearly highlights how strategic HR isn’t made up of traditional silos,but is rather an integrated approach of the different methodologies.”

The programme will be launched in Johannesburg in May. For further information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Annrie Fowler on +27 11 783 2632.