Pretoria - Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant says she is pleased with the promulgation of the Employment Services Act, 2014, which took effect from 9 August 2015, coinciding with Women’s Day in South Africa.

“It is significant that this promulgation will enable Public Employment Services to be provided free of charge to the general public and will assist in reducing the costs associated with recruitment and selection processes,” the Minister said.

The Minister said equally significant was that the promulgation enables her to establish the Employment Services Board to regulate Public Employment Agencies and Temporary Employment Agencies.

The Employment Services Board will, amongst others, be expected to advise the Minister on registration of work seekers, employment of foreign nationals and employment schemes regulations.

The promulgation further provides legal status to

Sheltered Employment Factories referred to as Supported Employment Enterprises in the new Act.

Minister Oliphant said the Act paves the way for better coordination on the much needed skills development efforts to enhance improved employability of work seekers in the economy.

As the world struggles with the global challenge of unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, Minister Oliphant said promulgation of the Employment Services Act, will bring stakeholders together in a common call for action under a new unified framework for Employment Services in South Africa. –