There is no doubt that the digital world of social media and electronic recruitment has impacted on the manner in which talent acquisition teams and their recruitment specialists recruit, especially as they rely on the utilization of their online application processes and systems to maximize on their efficiencies.

Whilst a well implemented applicant tracking system (electronic recruitment portal) is a great vehicle and enabler, you cannot dispute the fact that human intervention is necessary to drive this vehicle in order to optimize on its functionality, usage and purpose.

Foremost and more often than not an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is implemented, with companies disregarding

the fact that for the system to work effectively, their recruiters need to be given sufficient, in-depth knowledge, training and skills in order to confidently screen, select and manage incoming response effectively.

Essential facts to consider in maximizing the effectiveness of your e-recruitment platform, but ONLY if you have the right qualified recruiters driving it:
Unpack the job brief properly before loading!
Recruiters underestimate the importance of unpacking the full job description, employer value proposition and unique selling points when meeting with their line managers. This has always been the pivotal departure point, yet recruiters often fall short of this essential step in recruiting. Nowadays recruiters need to think like salespeople and marketers when educating their clients on the advantages of a comprehensive brief.
Probe areas of uncertainty!
Translating the brief into a properly composed customized questionnaire can provide recruiters with a wealth of additional information often unavailable on your average candidates’ CV’s (i.e. reasons for leaving, present and expected salary, willingness to travel, work overtime and/or work in a remote location). If administered correctly, this can probe unanswered questions and save the recruiter an enormous amount of time in sifting, screening, selecting and categorizing their response.

Shorten your response time to hire!
Recruiters should not wait until the closing date of their response, but start their recruitment and selection process from receipt of their first application. This can speed up their response management time, thus time to deliver in order to secure talent, especially when it comes to your high demand skills often lost due to slow response times.
Don’t be afraid to consult with your client!
Ongoing consultation with your line managers as to their flexibility in slight deviations around meeting desirable, yet not essential criteria is important. Negotiate around salary expectations, qualifications, transferable skills outside of the ideal industry etc. as this could very well secure them the perfect placement! Not keeping ongoing channels of communications open with your client, as to their flexibility around job criteria, can often lead to recruiters not placing the best incumbent from their 'B-list'.
Put yourself in the candidates’ shoes!

Recruiters must never lose sight of the importance of managing the expectations of their candidates, especially when the recruitment process has been delayed for whatever reason i.e. decision maker is overseas, vacancy has been placed on hold or has been filled internally. Ongoing communications is essential whether it be via a personal automated mail or ideally a personal telephonic call.
Conclude on your recruitment and selection cycle properly!
Research has found that the most concerning part of a work seekers quest to secure a position is when recruiters just fail to advise on whether they’ve been successful in securing a job or not. This is not only unfair human practice but can be damaging to your employer brand as applicants badmouth how unprofessional their application was handled. On the contrary if managed correctly, you can secure brand ambassadors for life as prospective future candidates can bolster your brand especially when in search for future talent. (LinkedIn Talent Solutions 2015 confirm that 94% of talent wants to receive interview feedback versus 41% who have received interview feedback before).

Strategy Recruitment Marketing is a trusted partner to SME’s and large corporates across South Africa’s most respected employer brands. We pride ourselves in having conducted response management best practice over the years. As renowned leaders in response management our unsurpassed years of experience lies in the skilled and seasoned professionals who have managed a multitude of assignments and projects of varying degrees e.g. scarce, sort after skills, graduate recruitment programmes and mass recruitment drives.

Our clients have enjoyed the assistance we have offered them in fast-tracking their recruitment processes, providing them with extra skilled and trained capacity, alleviating them with the mass inundation of unsolicited CV’s, managed project based initiatives, thus freeing them up to continue focusing on their daily scope of work.

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