We can no longer escape the reality of the Fourth Revolution being upon us, with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), chatbots and the like moving into our workplace quicker than we realise. Employees are feeling a degree of vulnerability, having to question how to remain relevant and companies are experiencing the pressure of having to re-engineer themselves, to address this technological shift.

Whilst Deloittes 2017 Human Capital Trends Report for South Africa confirms that 81% of respondents ranked talent acquisition as their third priority, 57% confirm that they are not ready. As jobs and skills change, companies are finding it that much more challenging and important in attracting, recruiting and securing the right people. Here in South Africa there is still

untapped opportunity for companies to shift towards a progressive and creative mindset through recruitment advertising and marketing.


Recruitment Marketing is the activities and strategies that build an employer brand presence before the need arises to recruit talent/to expose career opportunities. Nowadays and more than ever before, Recruitment is marketing and its becoming central to creating awareness when positioning your company’s employer brand in front of your passive candidate target audience. To remain noticeable and significant one needs to strategically market, story tell and create content that is going to excite, entice, intrigue and resonate with candidates. Candidates are finding their own paths to employers, reviews and job opportunities in order to make informed decisions. In order for companies to remain competitive and top of mind in addressing best in class talent, promotion of one’s employer brand is becoming a strong business necessity.


Companies are actively utilizing blended media channels i.e. job boards and company websites, but they are shifting their preference to social media as we move towards 2020, recognizing that it creates a long-term search engine value and online profile for your company. Recruitment marketing creates relationships that continue to bring value after a search is completed.

Take a fresh bold and progressive approach to ensuring that your company gets found, attracts, entices and stands out from the rest through implementing recruitment marketing best practice.