HRworks will be hosting their 7th Annual HR Conference & Expo on Thursday, 14 September 2017 at The Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town. Both the conference and the expo are fully booked for the 7th year in a row!  Follow @HRworks #HRWConf2017 to follow the happenings on the day!

This event has become known to HR professionals in South Africa as “The HR event not to be missed”.  The conference is a professionally run event that attracts HR professionals from middle to senior management and executive level.

The conference is a full day conference with 7 speakers addressing HR topics such as: Global HR Trends, the Future of HR, Employment Law, Culture Shift, Performance Management and People Management (Attraction, Motivation and Retention Strategies).

The Expo consists of 30 exhibitors that will be showcasing their products and services which include: Talent Management Software, Recruitment, HR Consulting, e-Learning Solutions, online EQ Training, Learnerships and Training, Employee Assistance Programmes, Time and Attendance Software, Performance Management, Payroll and Compliance, Recruitment Software, HR Policy Management Tools, Vetting and Verification of Consumers, Employee Wellness and Financial and Health Services.

Our Silver Sponsors this year are Alexander Forbes, SAGE, Juta Law, PMI-SA, Staff Training, Silversoft and Mygrow.

Each year Mark Baker, CEO of Mygrow takes on the role of Master of Ceremonies and ensures that the conference runs smoothly and his jovial, upbeat and high energy is always well received.  He delivered a talk at last year’s event and was voted as one of the best speakers.  Having said that he often get’s voted as best speaker just for his MC role ....

Our sponsors and exhibitors are hosting some really fun and exciting competitions and lucky draws with prizes ranging from training workshops, assessments, shopping vouchers, spa vouchers, luxury hampers, electronic gadgets, an iPad and much more!  The conference always ends on a high note with many delegates walking away with one prize or another.

Here is an overview of what each speaker will be discussing:

Dr Mark Bussin, Chairman of 21st Century will be discussing Global HR Trends: Predictions & Strategies for 2018, including:

·         Top negative trends
·         Top positive trends
·         The future of work and how to restructure – OD in UBER times
·         Performance Management – REBOOT
·         Reward trends
·         Top HR priorities for 2018
·         The best metrics to use to track success of HR, Projects and Interventions e.g. Human Economic Value Add (HEVA), Human Capital Return on Investment (HCROI) and many more


Llewellyn de Jager, Director of Cebano Consultants will be discussing Progressive Success through Culture Shift.  Llewellyn will cover why culture is important; what culture is and the link between culture and brand.

He will also share the Cebano Culture Shift Model, an interactive process with the delegates and the role of leadership in Culture Shifts and will end off with a case study.


Dr Linda Ronnie, Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Business, UCT will be discussing the topic of People Management.  She will share how the attraction, motivation, and retention of suitable staff pose an ongoing talent management dilemma to organisations. In this presentation, Linda Ronnie highlights the challenges and suggests key ways in which South African organisations can enhance their talent management strategies in today’s workplace.


Brandon Gillham, HR Director of Origin Wine will be covering the topic of Future WOW and Future Skills needed in HR.  Brandon says that

Human Resources as we know it is facing extinction!  He says, that in order to understand how to avoid becoming the dinosaurs of business we have to start engaging seriously with the new world of work, understand the impact of this new world on what we do as professionals and what we have to start doing RIGHT NOW in order to remain relevant.  The talk will highlight some of the most striking and direct changes happening in the world of work.  He’ll unpack the skills, knowledge and competencies that HR experts will have to master in preparation for this new world and looks at some interesting developments and challenges that HR have to overcome.  


Tim Southey, HR Management Consultant will be sharing on the topic of Performance Reviews: Time for a Make-over.

Tim says that there is a common refrain in board rooms across the world: the cost and effort invested in performance review systems is not paying off. Time-consuming and onerous, current processes are failing to improve efficiencies, grow top line growth or empower employees to perform better.

The bottom line is that conventional review systems are not cutting it. The annual, or bi-annual ritual, is hated by both managers and employees.

Performance reviews have become the sacred cows of corporate life. After all, they are seen as key to improving efficiencies, increasing productivity and growing top line, all no brainers for any corporate. They are also meant to enable companies to retain and develop the best people.

The key question is:  why are conventional review systems not working?

Tim Southey answers the question and provides a very practical "user friendly" working alternative.


Jonathan Goldberg, CEO of Global Business Solutions, attorney and author of many publications on matters relating to Employer Relations.  Johnny will be discussing Labour Case Decisions in the following areas of Employment Law:  Accusations of Racism; Proof of Qualifications; Breach of Trust Relationship; Recusal of Chairperson; Constructive Dismissal; Resignation during Disciplinary Process; Probation and Presenting Evidence.


Maja Macdougall, HR Director of AFMS Group will be sharing her knowledge gained in managing Section 197 Transfers from 5 people to 250 people.  Her topic is Section 197 Transfers In terms of the LRA – A Win Win Approach to Outsourcing

Maja says that with all the negative publicity around outsourcing recently, there is a way that it can be a positive approach to a business requirement as well as protecting the interests of the people affected.

Using a Section 197 Transfer allows for the transfer of staff directly linked to a service to be transferred over to a new employer at same or similar terms and conditions of employment.

Maja will unpack the general terms of a Section 197 Transfer, give case studies of successful ones plus show some of the pitfalls to be avoided when following this route.


This premier HR event is for all Human Resources professionals that wish to stay at the forefront of innovative best practices, strategies and trends in Human Resources in South Africa. This event aims to share pertinent HR knowledge and updates while offering a networking platform amongst each other and with exhibitors.

This event has always received excellent feedback each year and we aim to uphold the reputation of “The HR event that is not be missed”.  Follow @hrworks on twitter #HRWConf2017 to view tweets and pics on the day!

Adria Bulpitt
Managing Director