Participate in the South African Learning Agility in HR study and test your own agility.

Do you ask your colleagues for help if you need to do something new at work? Or do you prefer to figure it out by yourself? By measuring your Learning Agility, you will discover how you deal with new situations.

Introducing the Learning Agility in HR Research Study

HFMtalentindex, in partnership with HRworks, HRPulse, IPM, HR Network and the Singularity Company, are carrying out a South African study into the Learning Agility of HR professionals.

The South African HR landscape is swiftly changing in response to the demands of increased competition, technology, big data and more. In five to ten years, there will be virtually no jobs or functions within HR that have remained unchanged. We want to find out how agile HR is, and needs to become, in the face of these changes.

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But what IS Learning Agility?

Learning Agility is the ability to develop new effective behaviour in the face of new experiences. This includes learning new skills, and also unlearning less effective behaviours which you may have relied on in the past.

In short, Learning Agility gives you insight into how quickly you are likely to become effective in a changing role or with new processes.

How quickly can and do you want to participate in the inevitable changes in your position? Can you be an ambassador for change within your department or your organisation?

Learning Agility consists of five dimensions: People Agility, Mental Agility, Change Agility, Results Agility and Self-Awareness. People are rarely high on all five dimensions, but typically display different styles of Learning Agility, with some dimensions scoring lower and others higher.

Are you curious about the Learning Agility of HR professionals in South Africa? Join the research project and participate anonymously!  Completing the test takes 30 minutes, and thereafter you can immediately access your personal report and see how agile you are.   

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