Next-generation core systems technology like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is redefining the process of employee engagement and talent retention.

This is according to Bernadette Froelich, Human Capital Manager at DAC Systems, a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and leading provider of ICT solutions and services.

Froelich believes that people, combined with technology is what mainly drives a business’ internal branding, and that being at the forefront of technology is critical to the recruitment and retention of higher calibre resources.

“In ICT, delivery tends to be more project driven, which can lead to disassociation between the resource and the company. Technology tools are critical in ensuring you drive employee engagement, cohesive standards, delivery and culture,” she says.

However, DAC Systems reminds the market that a personalised ‘people’ approach that brings the human factor to the fore is equally important.

“Without that personal touch, not even the greatest technology can retain the employees you want to retain. So we use technology to inspire and to ensure ‘old-fashioned’ personalised management with very modern branding,” Froelich continues.

And Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is a good example of the level of technology being introduced to streamline people management.

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent allows everyone to be independent but still in touch.  It allows access to information that minimises time wasting so that actual work time is productive. This gives your employees the sense of being in control of their own data and having a good overview of what affects them,” adds Froelich.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is a vital component of the broader Microsoft strategy to assist companies with employee engagement and talent retention.

The solution’s clean reporting gives a quick overview that allows for a personal management touch at all times, even though teams are physically disconnected, or so large that a manager would traditionally have difficulty maintaining contact with the whole team. 

The result is that business owners can quickly see from the big picture if there are problems, and drill down with some very clever reporting to information that helps businesses manage proactively and stay aligned to strategy. 

Team progress is entirely transparent and having Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent in place means businesses can rapidly deploy resources as and when necessary.

DAC Systems collaborates on SharePoint, so teams across the country can still work collaboratively on projects in real time.  Methodology and processes are all driven centrally –

“So someone in Australia will deliver with the same culture, look and feel as someone in South Africa will,” Froelich continues.

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