Somewhere between 15 March and 29 April the phrases Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report start flying around.  You find managers running around, trying to get a year’s paperwork on training together, while realising not even half the training that was planned, actually happened.  Training providers jump in with last-minute training to fill up the annual training reports for companies before the deadlines.

Once the submissions of Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports are done, everyone is all hyped up to do training for next year.  Unfortunately, the hype only lasts till around June-July, before people start to lose interest again or get to busy to do training.  And year after year so many companies repeat this April Fool Submission to benefit from their mandatory grants from SETA.

If your organisation doesn’t have a dedicated Skills Development Facilitator (SDF), it’s very likely that the above is exactly what happens to your organisation every year.  While employing a permanent SDF might not in every organisation’s budget, making use of an external SDF definitely is!

Your HR manager is probably well equipped and more than capable of submitting your WPS and ATR, but does he or she have time to be an SDF? 

Skills Development is about so much more than just that 20% mandatory grant you get back.   It doesn’t only focus on better equipping your employee for your organisation.  It focuses on developing skills within the sector your organisation falls in, which then again forms part of the bigger picture – the National Skills Development Strategy.

A qualified Skills Development Facilitator will:

  • ·Analyseyour organisation training needs and skills gaps
  • ·Adviseon and implementation of a quality management system for skills development
  • ·Administrateand coordinate skills development interventions
  • ·Developyour organisations training and development plans
  • ·Act as a mediatorbetween your organisation and the relevant SETA

Apart from the above, Skills Development Facilitators know where to find quotes for training, who to speak to at the training provider to get the best rates and how accreditation and the NQF work.  They attend various SETA meetings, know when discretionary grants are out and keep abreast of changes in the Training and Education sector.

Contact Staff Training on 0861 996 660 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today for an appointment with one of our qualified Skills Development Facilitatorsand make sure you don’t fall into next year’s April Fool Submissions!

*Originally appeared on Skills Portal