…..Then consider these 4 essential Principles first!

  • Ask the right questions but keep it short:*

No more than 6 or 7 questions max! (You could even consider engaging your employees in a discussion on what questions to ask first) 

  • Include everyone:

If this requires including a manual option for those without email (translated into other languages) then provide for that! 

  • Ensure anonymity!
    • This is vitally important if you want honest and candid feedback!
    • Do this successfully and you will not only have provided a platform where people feel safe to share both positive and negative perceptions about the company, but it will also build trust and credibility in the process for next time you engage everyone in a climate survey.
  • Communicate the results (themes) to everyone timeously and implement (appropriate) initiatives quickly. This will build trust and credibility
    • Thank everyone for their feedback (re-emphasise the anonymity of the process!)
    • Explain what you will be implementing or changing as a result of the feedback (there are often some quick win opportunities here!)
    • Explain why you won’t be changing certain things & why. Remember that the results are based on perception & sometimes you need to provide more information on an issue to change perceptions that may be based on limited information.

There has been considerable interest in the epic Survey functionality since we launched our new Flex Survey offering earlier this year.

* If you would like a copy of ‘Five Essential Questions for any Climate Survey’ drop us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) & we will gladly share this resource with you.

Johnny Black

Director epicIT (Pty) Ltd

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