In an effort to improve the Income Tax process for taxpayers and the PAYE reconciliation process for employers, SARS recently began a process of registering all individuals in formal employment for Income Tax irrespective of whether they are required to submit an Income Tax return or not.

All IRP5/IT3(a)s received as part of the interim (biannual) reconciliation submission have been checked to confirm validity of the Income Tax reference numbers and where possible, the automatic registration of individuals for Income Tax has been triggered.

SARS will start making these tax reference numbers available to employers from 14 March 2011 via e@syFile™ Employer. Registration notifications will be mailed to the postal addresses of employees who have been registered.

Please note that the tax reference numbers will only be made available to employers ...

who use e@syFile™ Employer online, irrespective of the channel used for interim (biannual) reconciliation submissions.

We have also enhanced the e@syFile™ Employer application to enable employers to create a CSV file with these updated reference numbers. This file can be imported into your payroll system to update the reference numbers on your payroll.

You are encouraged to download the latest version of the e@syFile™ Employer software from

What does this mean:

1) If you use easy file Employer you can import all the tax registration numbers

2) If you don’t you are going to have to make sure that your employees bring their SARS registration documents to work. (I would suggest you start a strong information campaign now)

3) Lastly if you have not downloaded the software – do it now

If all this is starting to sound to much then consider outsourcing your payroll and sars payments to Paymaster. We will register you and make sure your employees tax numbers are up to date

Ian Hurst

cell 082 8985006