Leadership Development

City: National
Province: National
Short Description: Born of a need in South Africa for top level tertiary education for working adults, The Business School at The IIE’s Varsity College plays a fundamental role in developing the next generation of South African business leaders. Highly qualified professional lecturers and hand-picked local and global partner institutions ensure that The Business School offers an outstanding level of part-time education for working adults, allowing them to succeed in a highly competitive global job market. The Business School is a division of Varsity College, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (Pty) Ltd (The IIE) and is registered as a Private Higher Education Institution with the Department of Education under the Higher Education Act 1997. The IIE is South Africa’s largest independent provider of tertiary education.
City: Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
Short Description: Nurturing Growth Trading, is a leading and professional coaching, consulting, training and leadership development company. It has distinguished itself through: Its ability to integrate and coach many aspects of individual, team and broader leadership effectiveness. We do this through offering leadership and personal development coaching, Enneagram personality style typing and teaching, conflict management and managing complex conversations around diversity, general team building, facilitation and self-awareness (EQ development) training.
City: Durban
Province: KwaZulu-Natal
Short Description: We are a well-established, accredited & national group of companies. Our Umhlanga-based Team implement programmes throughout KZN. OUR VISION To create leadership chains that have the strength to transform organisations and society. DYNA Develop Your Natural Abilities
City: Centurion
Province: Gauteng
Short Description: Myeni Leadership Coaching was established in 2013 in order to provide leadership coaching to businesses focusing mainly on all spheres of management (lower management, middle management and top management).
City: Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
Short Description: We are a performance improvement company focusing on personal and organisational development for leaders in the industry by helping them to align behaviours to their goals, vision and values.
City: Cape Town
Province: Western Cape
Short Description: Originating from the world of sports, Mentally Fit is the Human Energy provider for individuals, teams and organizations. Through a universally applicable method, we energize talents, champions and leaders so that they achieve sustainable performance. Enriched by powerful sport’s tools and metaphors adapted to corporate environments, our sessions give a new perspective on operating teams and organizations, with very simple and concrete translations to their professional context.