Van Zyl, Rudd and Associates SA (Pty) Ltd

Contact Person: Nina Joubert
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Port Elizabeth
Eastern Cape
The company was established in 1990 by Dr Brian van Zyl and he is still the only director. The company currently consists of the following divisions: seminars and training; publishing; software; managementconsulting; and labour law, human resources and industrial relations practitioners;

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Annual seminars

Theseare presented at the following venues:

­   Port Elizabeth;

­   Durban;

­   Johannesburg;

­   Pretoria;

­   Bloemfontein; and

­   Cape Town.

The aforesaid seminars focus on the practical implications of labour law and industrial relations cases reported by Van Zyl, Rudd & Associates SA (Pty) Ltd in the South African Labour Law Reports (SALLR) during the preceding twelve months, as well as important aspects of any new legislation dealing with labour law, industrial relations and human resources;


The company has developed a wide range of training modules, presented on either a public basis, or, alternatively, in-house.

Listed below are some of the modules most commonly requested:

­   the new generation recognition agreements;

­   the new generation disciplinary codes and procedures;

­   the module dealing with dispute resolution;

­   the module dealing with the handling of industrial action - primary strikes, lock-outs, picketing, protest action, essential services, secondary strikes, maintenance services, minimum services and replacement labour;

­   the module dealing with collective bargaining - trade union access to the workplace, disclosure of information, representivity, agency and closed shops, collective agreements and statutory and bargaining councils; and

­   representation skills at the CCMA.

Management Consulting

This division delivers consulting services in respect of:

­   strategy considerations;

­   the applicability of different business modules;

­   the development of applicable organigrams;

­   productivity issues;

­   all issues pertaining to job size, job content and job price; and

­   the process to be adopted to ensure “the right person is placed in the right position”.

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