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Contact Person: Pam Moore
Phone: 0824440375
City: Claremont
Province: Western Cape
As a strategic change and leadership consultancy Pamon Consulting: − Has extensive experience in managing change in rapidly growing businesses, − Provides superior service in terms of using a hands-on approach to creating bespoke strategies to enhance organisational performance − Uses extensive experience in the corporate sector to provide key insights to enable leaders to use culture, leadership and strategy as major performance drivers − Coaches leaders to accelerate their own development

Full Company Profile:

Pamon Consulting supports organisations in optimising the contribution of people to business success. As a strategic change management and leadership consultancy, we focus on:

-      Designing value propositions that appeal to people of either gender and from all cultures and turn them into practical policies. 

-      Helping organizations embed the practices that make a diverse culture come alive through structured change management processes.

-      Coaching and developing both women and men at all stages of the pipeline to prepare them for advancement in leadership positions.

With extensive hands-on experience working with blue chips, private labels, NGO’s and individual leaders, our passion is to move organisations forward through helping them create an environment where everyone can realise their potential and perform to their highest standard.

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