Contact Person: Nina Mensing
Phone: 0824588044
City: Cape Town
Province: Western Cape
Providing on-site psycho-social support and mediation to your employees, including court document preparation to reduce absenteeism due to Family Court applications and appearances. Feedback system of issues arising and workshops offered.

Full Company Profile:

EmTalk will come to your company on a regular basis to provide on-site counselling and psycho-social support to your employees. Our team of counsellors and social workers will help with personal problems in order for your employees to be more present at work, and reduce absenteeism.

EmTalk provides the following services:

* Counselling for: grief, depression, anger management, trauma, divorce, family problems, anxiety, self-development, time management, bereavement, mental health.

* Court document preparation for Family Court applications and appearances

* A Justice of the Peace Officer and Commissioner of Oaths is available for affidavits, preparation or wills and certification of documents

* Referral system to DSD and other organisations for specific personal and family problems

* Feedback system on general issues faced by your employees

* Based on the feedback system, we offer specific workshops for your employees

* Mediation services for employee conflict management

* Crisis and Trauma call out support


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