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Alcohol and Drug Testing Specialists

Full Company Profile:

With 43 years of industry experience, ALCO-Safe (Pty) Ltd is the leading supplier of quality electronic Breath Alcohol Detectors and accessories in South Africa. In addition to the mining and quarrying sector, ALCO-Safe supplies drug and alcohol detecting equipment to major industries within South Africa. 

To ensure that only professional grade instrumentation is distributed, ALCO-Safe (Pty) Ltd represents LION and its US sister company, CMI, world leaders in alcohol detection technology. 

Alcohol Testing Equipment

LION Laboratories pioneered the fuel cell breathalyser, making it possible for  companies and the police to test persons accurately and fairly in the shortest amount of time. Lion Laboratories won the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement for the product in 1980. LION continues to be a world leading manufacturer of breath alcohol testing equipment. 

ALCO-Safe is the sole distributor of LION breathalysers in South Africa. 

The models supplied by ALCO-Safe are-

LION Alcoblow Rapid test. Our most popular product and a common site at most construction and mining sites. The simplest and fastest breathalyser to use. Its very popular amongst our clients for its ability to quickly and simply test large volumes of people upon entry to a site. It requires no mouthpieces and therefore the only consumable is batteries. 

The LION A500. This instrument is supplied to British police to use as a road side testing breathalyser. Trusted for its high quality and reliability amongst police forces around the world it is the first choice for companies that wish to get a breathalyser which is high quality and can keep evidence that will stand up in labour and CCMA courts. It is available with a portable printing kit which is extremely useful for printing results that can be used as evidence. The printout states when the instrument was last calibrated, a very important aspect of a breathalyser test. The time, date and result of the test as well as places for the operator, test subject and witness to write their names and signature. 

The LION 600 touch. Very similar to the A500 in operation however it has a touch screen which allows the instrument to take in data such as the operators ID, the test subjects name surname and ID number. Also whether you are testing a male or a female. It is also equipped with a GPS locator so that the position of the breath test is recorded. The 600 can be connected to a pc and all the result can be downloaded and used for record keeping and drawing statistics. This is a very high tech breathalyser and used by 1st world police forces. Very popular with Australian police who requires state of the art equipment. 

Drug Testing Equipment

ALCO-Safe are the South African distributors for ALERE toxicology. Alere is the worlds largest and most experienced provider of drug testing products and services. ALERE toxicology is the manufacturer of the most user friendly digital drug tester available, the DDS2 saliva drug testing instrument. 

ALCO-Safe supplies urine dip and read test from ALERE. Ranging from single panel test which will test for 1 specific drug type, 6 panel tests which test for Illicit drugs and 10 panels tests which include a number of prescriptions medications that are often abused. 

Split specimen cups. Either in 6 panel or 10 panel configuration. Split specimen cups are convenient in that the operator does not need to buy a separate sampling cup. The test cartridge I built onto the back of the cup for easy use. Because the cup is split specimen it has 2 compartments. Keeping the sample that enters the test cartridge separate from the sample that remains in the cup. This is very useful for times when you may need to send samples in for confirmation testing. The cups also have a built in thermometer to confirm that the sample that is in the cup is fresh and at body temperature. 

Saliva tests. The Oratect disposable saliva test can test for 6 different drug compounds using a saliva sample. Very simple to use with no mixing of buffers solutions required. Its very popular in environments where privacy is a concern and where bathroom facilities are not readily available. 

The ALERE DDS2. Digital saliva test instrument. Uses a disposable cartridge and saliva collection device for each test. It is the most accurate method for testing for drugs using saliva. It comes with a portable printing kit to allow the operator to print the result of the test as soon as they are visible on the screen. This is a very good all round drug testing solution. 

ALCO-Safe has over 5000 clients throughout Southern Africa. we assist and work closely with petro chemical companies, Total, BP, Sasol and many others. Rail industry such as Transnet, Metro rail, Bombela Gautrain. We also work with construction companies, mining houses such as Exxaro, Anglo, Extrata and Harmony gold. The majority of Mines in South Africa use ALCO-Safe products. Eskom is a long time client in every province in South Africa.

These are just a few of the thousands of clients that we assist with Substance abuse testing on a continuous basis.

In addition to the above, we offer the following:

  •         Operator competency training for breathalysers and drug testing equipment.
  •         Substance abuse awareness presentations.
  •         Assistance in developing substance abuse policies and control programmes.
  •         Full repair capability.
  •         Caution and Educational posters
  •         Information backup.


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