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Contact Person: Dean Hummel
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BEE Consulting and Advisory Services.

Full Company Profile:

Transcend Corporate Advisors is an integrated empowerment consultancy, which specialises in practical empowerment initiatives that make business sense. We have a special competency in assisting companies develop and communicate a strategic, value-based view of black economic empowerment and strategic development.

We are a Level 2, QSE that is 51% Black-owned.

Transcend takes great pride in our diverse client base. Our client portfolio includes many of South Africa’s most respected corporate brands evenly spread between domestic corporates and multinationals.

Our advisory services include:

  • B-BBEE Advisory and strategy development
  • B-BBEE verification preparation
  • B-BBEE Ownership Advisory and Structuring
  • In-house and public training courses
  • B-BBEE Scorecard Software
  • Social and Ethics Committee services
  • Supplier verification and supplier training
  • Strategic Partner Selection and Executive Search
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