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With HFMtalentindex South Africa, you can clearly and concisely understand the competencies of your people for selection, development or talent management; all from a single, user-friendly, online portal. Organisations around the world make use of our platform to support their talent management strategies and gain insight into their human capital – from individuals to teams to organisations. HFMtalentindex South Africa is a fully integrated online assessment environment empowers HR to assess candidates’ potential for roles, as well as measure their performance. Our HPCSA-registered, South African normed assessments allow companies to make use of turnkey reports – measuring aspects such as sales and management potential – as well as customise results for any role using our comprehensive competency library. Development tools and detailed real-time analytics complete the suite of tools, ensuring that each stage of the employee lifecycle is managed in a single, integrated

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Talent Assessment:

• Competency assessments: HPCSA registered psychometric instruments for recruitment, development and succession planning

• Competency profiling: combining input from stakeholders to identify the key success criteria for job roles, levels or organisations

• Turnkey sales potential and management potential assessments

• Big Five personality assessment


Talent Development:

• Flexible competency based 360 degree feedback to gain a holistic picture of employee performance

• Unique personal development plans by comparing individual potential to performance

• Insight into employee talents and growth opportunities

• Online development tracking tools


Talent Performance:

• Determine success factors of employees

• Obtain an overview of talent at an individual or collective level

• Build winning teams based on individual strengths and competencies


Talent Analytics:

• Real time talent dashboards: get a snapshot of your human capital

• Analyses and comparisons of group and inter-group performance

• Track development needs and actions for small to large groups of people

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