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At Releasing Limits, we have a range of the latest tools that help release stress in the workplace and empower your employees to change the way they feel. Our range of programs and Wellness sessions help to: - Increase productivity - Achieve budgets - Decrease absenteeism - Improve the morale of the organisation

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Releasing Limits knows the facts about the effects of long-term stress. Not only does stress affect our body and physical health, but our thoughts and mental health as well. Stressed employees are detrimental to the growth of any organisation and often take more sick days, are prone to having more accidents on the job and are less enthusiastic and motivated than their counterparts.  Sharyn Driver – founder of Releasing Limits has spent her entire career working in Capital Equipment Sales and used that experience along with her study of human behaviour to the advantage of the companies she has worked in by teaching management how to identify the strengths of individuals in their sales teams and to inspire those individuals to perform well based on their strengths. Sharyn introduced the Executive Stress Programme in 2016, to teach CEOs techniques to help them deal with their own stressors and manage the stressors of the teams serving under them, thereby decreasing absenteeism, improving the overall health and productivity of staff, and subsequently their companies’ bottom-line.  


Our Tailored Solutions are customised to address your individual company’s challenges. We develop programs specifically for Leadership teams, sales teams as well developing programs for specific departments such as Marketing or Finance.  Working with you, we understand what areas of the business your biggest priorities are and develop a program which is tailor made for your business.



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