City: Observatory
Province: Western Cape
Short Description: Our mission is to put engagement, learning and reward in the hands of every staff member and to ensure that everyone has fun along the way.
City: Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
Short Description: We are a performance improvement company focusing on personal and organisational development for leaders in the industry by helping them to align behaviours to their goals, vision and values.
City: National
Province: National
Short Description: We are a focused culture consulting & training company that partners with you to build an intentional culture, aligned to your long-term strategic vision. Our 3 step journey empowers our customers to: 1 – Identify & engineer a strategic company culture. 2 – Achieve sincere leadership buy-in, forging custodians of the culture. 3 – Inspire employees to live the culture & achieve greater engagement & productivity in their work, through values alignment.