Emotions4Success Trading As Training B2B

Contact Person: Mavis Ureke
Phone: 0113262499
Phone2: 0762261I00
City: Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
We are a performance improvement company focusing on personal and organisational development for leaders in the industry by helping them to align behaviours to their goals, vision and values.

Full Company Profile:

Emotions4Success (trading as Trading B2B CC)  is a BEE level 1 company accredted with ETDP SETA, MICT SETA, SERVICES SETA, with 10 years experience in training and development. We pride ourselves as one of the leaders in human behaviour and performance. Our courses and inverventions include:

- Leadership for Women 

- Managing Emotions for Peak Performance

- Emotional Intelligece, Diversity and Inclusion 

- Critical Thinking 

- Creativity and Inovation 

- Setting Healthy Boundaries 

- Fatigue, Stress and Personal Energy Management 

- Have a Nice Conflict

- Core Strength Accountability 

- Critical Conversations

- Employee Engagement

- Leadership Development 

- Coaching and Mentoring 

- Cultural Competence 

- Behaviour Based Safety 

- Teaching with Emotional Intelligence 

- Employee Wellness





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