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Nurturing Growth Trading, is a leading and professional coaching, consulting, training and leadership development company. It has distinguished itself through: Its ability to integrate and coach many aspects of individual, team and broader leadership effectiveness. We do this through offering leadership and personal development coaching, Enneagram personality style typing and teaching, conflict management and managing complex conversations around diversity, general team building, facilitation and self-awareness (EQ development) training.

Full Company Profile:


Nurturing-Growth Trading is a professional leadership development company, formally registered in 2009. We positively impact lives through coaching; consulting; workshop facilitation and emotional intelligence training.

Vision: Nurturing Growth Trading inspires individuals and teams to live with joyful self-understanding and profound purpose.

Mission Statement: Nurturing Growth Trading nurtures, develops and grow leaders for improved workplace effectiveness.

Unique Value Proposition: Nurturing Growth Trading unlocks potential and positively transform systems through all its interventions.


Nurturing Growth Trading (NGT) was born over a decade ago, out of a vision to contribute positively towards making South Africa a competitive, global force and to develop human capacity.

Today, it has grown into a reputable leadership development company, with a team of 10 competent and professional Coaches and Trainers.

The founder member, Alicia S Pieterse, is a black Professional and Coach and she is passionate about unlocking leadership potential in individuals and teams. She is one of three qualified Deep Coaching Professionals in Africa and she is also a Professional Deep Democracy Conflict Resolution Facilitator. She has coached more than 100 leaders and has Coached 17 leadership teams.

Since 2005, NGT has served over 40 companies and not-for-profit organisations, with a total of 12 being long term clients. NGT has been training the Workplace Effectiveness Mentoring Training Programme (WEMP) for the South African Reserve Bank since 2008 and to date we have directly and indirectly changed over 300 lives at SARB.

Our Style: We,

  • Move individuals and teams into the possibility of their goals;
  • Are supportive and listen deeply and use the client’s resourcefulness in sourcing lasting solutions;
  • Hold the space for participants to explore, participate, learn and grow;
  • Are professional and self-reflective;
  • We have a well thought through method that we use to accelerate growth and to move individuals and teams to their next level of excellence;
  • We work with self-mastery and improve workplace effectiveness through all of our interventions.


Our Values

Presence, deep listening, kindness, advancement and accelerated growth.


We unlock potential through our service offering:


Our services include the following:

Assessments (Individual and Team): We use the Enneagram personality style System and the Strength Finder as part of our intervention diagnostic phase.

Coaching Services: Executive; Business; Leadership; Personal Development; Relationship and Team Coaching.




Youth desk:


Leadership; Executive, Business
& Personal Growth Coaching;
and Team Coaching. 

Team coaching support group.

Enneagram Personality style assessments; 

Self-awareness and EQ training


Youth workplace effectiveness coaching and mentoring training program.






Provide change and diversity management training and deep conversations.

  1. Golden Coaching seminars for Middle Managers
  2. Elite Coaching seminars for senior leaders.
  3. The wounded leader Seminar supports leaders to overcome past difficulties as they learn to access their inner leader.
  1. Team Building;
  2. Debriefing and
  3. Training workshops such as money magic, goal setting. Diversity management, etc


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