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Contact Person: Sascja Bowes
Phone: 079 899 6721
Phone2: 010 005 0725
City: Observatory
Province: Western Cape
Our mission is to put engagement, learning and reward in the hands of every staff member and to ensure that everyone has fun along the way.

Full Company Profile:

We are a technology company dedicated to building a better way for organisations to engage and inspire their workforces.

With local and global employee engagement stats declining we realised that something has to shift in the way that organisations build their internal tribe loyalty.

We've built a platform that gives organisations across all industries a cost-effective, modern and millennial way of communicating with, motivating, developing and rewarding their employees at scale.

Employers love it's simplicity and big data insights and employees love that they can finally have access to the heart and soul of their organisation, no matter what role they fulfil within the organisation.


Together with providing the technology enabler, we also realise that technology is only as great as its content, which is why we are addicted to working with organisations to create human-centred content that communicates the essence of their organisations, what they do, and how their employees are key contributors this. 


We believe in creating the same branch magic internally as well as externally.


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