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Energizing the core of your company is our specialty! Dr. Oosthuizen and his team uses the latest findings in Neuro Science and research on mentoring to help those in HR and management positions to get the best out of their employees without making them feel like a means to an end! They also specialize in developing mentoring processes for companies to increase retention of employees, develop their strengths and mastery, ensure accurate skills transfer and secure knowledgeable effective leaders that can really work with people. Dr. Oosthuizen is also an incredible speaker, known for his interactive, fun and informative workshops about Neuro Management & Mentoring, Conflict Resolution, Culture and much more!

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One of LifeXchange Solutions' core beliefs is to not guess and hope, but to research, measure and know! "Would you make use of an engineering company that guesses the dynamics of a bridge and hope that it will hold? Yet, when it comes to HR, management and supervising we often make use of training, coaching and mentoring that sounds good and we hope it will have impact," says Dr. Oosthuizen, Founder of LifeXchange Solutions. Luckly we live in the information area, where proper research on team dynamics, individual performance and company culture development is available. We don't have to accept training without research anymore! "We know what is effective, why and how to implement it, to get the best out of your people without making them feel like a means to an end," says Oosthuizen.  

He most definitally has the authority to speak on how to get the best out of people. In 2007 he wanted to test his research theories and literally targeted gangsters on the Cape Flats. He used all his research on mentoring, NLP and neurology and within a relatively short time saw how these young men excelled into effective working citizens, and some of them were even asked to become life coaches and senior managers in companies. "We know that often there is little difference between a CEO and a gangster, right?" he says with a smile, confident that LifeXchange Solutions will find a solution to energize the core of your company for exponential growth! 

LifeXchange Solutions has been involved in research within the area of mentoring since 2007. We know what works, why it works and how to effectively implement it. We know how to get the best out of your people, and how to help develop a culture within your company that will continue to do so for many many years to come. We have carefully curated products that will take your people to the next level, scientifically guaranteed! 

* Personal Mastery Workshop -  this fun, interactive and informative 3 hour workshop will equip managers, team leaders and individual employees, to understand how their own thinking patterns and motivational levels are formed. It will help them not only to lift their own performance, but also gives them tools to help those within their teams to raise their efficacy levels. 

* Online Neuro Management & Mentoring - this accredited 12 month online training course is designed to take managers and supervisors through a hands on experience in how to apply NLP principles, communication, listening, and questioning skills in order to become an influencial mentor and leader. It is the only fully supported online course that exists and has proven to be very effective and enjoyable by all. Many would say a life-changing experience! 

*Strengths Coaching for Teams and Individuals - Understand who you are and how you can succeed using insights into your top strengths. Individual and team coaching in proven methods and strategies to improve your performance.

* Mentoring App - LifeXchange has developed an Mentor Tracking App, which helps to make mentoring tangible and measureable to ensured that mentor and mentees feel supported, mentoring programmes are effectivelly implemented and HR has effective ways reporting. 

* Personal Mastery Coaching - in a 6 month period, a customized approach is implemeted to help individuals lift their performance at work in a certain area. The saying, "work smarter, not harder" is being put in practice as employees are helped to find a rythm and approach that works for them that will exceed their superior's wildest expectations!

* Halocracy Implementation - we all know that the top-down management system is archaic and does not get the best out of people...but how do we change this? The LifeXchange Solutions team will introduce you to the fascinating and effective management world of Holacracy. Once you have experienced this, you will never go back to the old way of managing your company again! 

LifeXchange is a B-BBEE level 4 company with its head office situated in Cape Town.



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