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Contact Person: Elvis Mokoena
Phone2: 0828057621
Dikoena Health Services is Level 1 B-BBEE, 100% black-owned/managed healthcare organization. It specializes in provision of broad range of healthcare solutions to private and public organizations, small to large corporations. Key products & services: • Medical surveillance (legislative requirement) • Wellness programs, e.g. HIV testing, • Mobile occupational health service • Mobile X-ray services

Full Company Profile:

To help your organization navigate these challenges, engage the services of a partner with requisite occupational health, safety and environmental management expertise and experience. Dikoena Health Services (herein referred to as Dikoena HS) is a South African 100% black-owned and managed healthcare organization. It specializes in provision of broad range of healthcare solutions with strong emphasis on preventive health programs such as medical surveillance (legislative requirement) and other healthcare programs such as wellness campaigns, HIV testing, vaccination campaigns (which enhance productivity by minimizing time lost by employees consulting elsewhere).                 

1. Medical Surveillance (Occupational Health) 

Dikoena HS offers medical surveillance program to companies to ensure they comply with requirements of OHSA and related regulations (including Construction Regulations 2014) 

Medical Surveillance is the systematic assessment of employees exposed or potentially exposed to occupational hazards. This assessment monitors individuals for adverse health effects and determines the effectiveness of exposure prevention strategies. 

Medical Surveillance include: 

Pre-placement medical examinations  Periodical medical examinations  Transfer and exit medical examinations  Provision of biological monitoring (including laboratory-based testing)


2. Wellness & Preventive Programs 

Wellness screening campaigns (e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol etc.) carried out on-site (at employment place) ensures that employees benefit in having their health screened without taking time off and in the leisure of their workplace. Certain occupations or specific job components expose job incumbents to occupational hazards such as biological hazards, viruses, bacteria and parasites.  Vaccination forms part of preventive health programs and Dikoena HS can assist companies with vaccinations against: Hepatitis A & B; Typhoid; Tetanus; Influenza


3. Mobile Clinic Services

Efficiency With mobile occupational medicals, all employees can be promptly assessed and diagnosed without having to waste time in waiting rooms or travelling No transport costs Organizing occupational medicals at a clinic will mean hiring transport to ferry employees to and from the medical checks. This can work out to be quite costly, particularly for a large staff. Increased productivity Having an occupational medical service onsite means that there is limited interruption in workflow and increased productivity overall. Less time off work Occupational medicals set up at a clinic might mean an employee has too book off an entire day of work, getting to and from the clinic, as well as time spent waiting for the check-up.  Mobile units are adequately equipped with audio (hearing booths), examination bed, air-condition system, spirometry (lung function testing) as well as vision screening . Bringing occupational health service as well as wellness programs via mobile units offer benefits such as less time lost and increased productivity.


4. Mobile X-ray Services

Dikoena Health Services has partnerships with registered mobile radiological (x-ray) service providers, who are able to provide on-site x-ray services (either as a stand-alone or as supplementary service to occupational health service). Comprehensive and complete medical surveillance program can be carried out with little disruptions to company operations”. 

Mobile X-Ray Services offers the following on-site services: 

Qualified & registered radiographers  X-rays to support medical surveillance  TB x-ray campaigns  Individual radiological reports (disc or digital film)  Consolidated group reporting


Telephone Number   -   +27 (0) 11 026 4064 

Fax Number - +27 (0) 86 743 9673

Cellphone Number - +27 (0) 82 805 7621 

Email Address - elvis@dikoenahealth.co.za





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