Communication 101

Contact Person: Janet Finch
New Germany
Communication 101 helps HR & Training Managers improve staff productivity through communication workshops which offer immediate results.

Full Company Profile:

  • Do all management and staff communicate effectively with each other?
  • Is there conflict and frequent disagreements in the workplace?
  • Would you like to improve your company's communication skills in order to reduce conflict and build trust and productivity?

It is a documented fact that poor communication skills are the number one cause of conflict, misunderstanding and disagreements in the workplace. 

If you are experiencing the frustration of decreasing productivity, increase in mistrust and general disconnect, you are not alone.

My goal for you is to create platforms and opportunities conducive to developing exceptional personal communication skills by offering world-class communication-based workshops.

There are 3 major benefits to developing clear communication skills in the office environment:

  1. Personal development for all staff, at all levels
  2. Reduced staff turnover due to improved intra- and interdepartmental communication and teamwork
  3. Improved internal communication leads to improved external communication


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