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Most recent technological advancements have changed the Recruitment Market - for Companies and Candidates alike. Now more than ever, your Brand is the fundamental difference between success and failure. For companies, their Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Strategy forms the foundation of their Talent Attraction and Acquisition success. Elements such as an Employer Value Proposition, Candidate Relationship Management and Online Recruitment Marketing Campaigns have become essential. 3 Degrees Technology assists Companies to find the Right Talent, for the Right Vacancies at the Right Time For Candidates, their online Brand - represented by their Social Media profiles - could mean the difference between getting that dream job and failing to grow their career. 3 Degrees Technology assists Candidates to create and maintain Social Media profiles that reflect their unique characteristics and strengths to increase their changes of job-hunting success

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Our Services to Companies Include: 

Employer Value Proposition

  • Facilitate discovery of EVP
  • Create Recruitment Marketing message based on EVP

Creation of Talent Attraction Strategy

  • Candidate Segmentation
  • Specialised Candidate campaigns

Enhance Online presence

  • Career Page
  • Social Media
  • Ensure everything is mobile friendly

Develop Candidate Relationship Management Strategy

  • Develop personalised communication channels and messages
  • Implement Tools to help automate personalized communication 
  • Build a Candidate Experience process flow to complement Recruitment Process flow 

Develop and maintain internal Employee Referral system

  • Referral campaigns 


Our services to Candidates include:  


  • Understanding what elements are important for a LinkedIn profile 
  • LinkedIn Profile Reports 
  • LinkedIn Profile Renovation 


  • Facebook Profile Reports
  •  Facebook Profile Renovation  


  • Interview Preparation



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