Contact Person: Kathryn Lehnerdt
Phone: 021 6850146
Phone2: 0835559237
City: Cape Town
Province: Western Cape
Our passion lies in helping those people to learn, grow and evolve. We have a unique approach to skills learning and development that takes people from competence in their skills set, to being efficient and effective staff members. Established in 2001, CorporateWise is Services SETA accredited and holds a level 4 BB-BEE rating.

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CorporateWise is a business skills training company which offers a range of training for a number of key business skills, including HR training. We also provide HR support and HR information systems. The success of any learning intervention lies in the application of knowledge. Too often we find that companies send staff on training workshops without support or follow up and this can result in delegates not retaining course content as they are not encouraged to apply it immediately and then be accountable at a later stage for what they have learnt. We pride ourselves in giving support to clients to ensure that they get the best value for their learning investment. We believe that people are the most important asset in any organisation. Our passion lies in helping those people to learn, grow and evolve.

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