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NDJ Consultants is a Skills Development Firm established in 1999 specialising in management studies and professional skills designed to assist companies in achieving desired outcomes through focusing people on organisational visions and improving strategic intent, professional conduct, working relationships and culture in order to boost productivity

Full Company Profile:

The business model is based upon a powerful infrastructure, with extended skills obtained through a database of contractors within various disciplines and our operations stretch into all major centres within Southern Africa, with a central support centre to provide support to all learners anywhere in Southern Africa as well as other cross border countries.

The key to our success lies in superior subject matter knowledge as well as a practical approach in order to fill the gap between text book and real-life scenarios experienced by individuals and companies on a daily basis.  

Vision Statement

Our vision is to help people and businesses build their skills by providing exceptional services, products and solutions through the use of highly skilled personnel that will facilitate the effective use of our resources at the highest level of personal interaction with our clients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people and businesses build their skills by providing high quality learning programmes that are continually reviewed and updated, enabling the client and the learner to stay ahead in today’s fast moving environment.

Learning Programme Development, Delivery and Evaluation

Our policy is to develop learning programmes of the highest quality that are aligned to registered unit standards wherever possible. If not aligned to unit standards they will be written against outcomes NDJ has recognised as necessary for the training intervention.

Learner Guidance and Support

NDJ Consultants guide and support learners throughout the learning process. To this end we implements procedures for the guidance and support of learners before, during and after the learning process.

All programmes can be presented exclusively to your organisation.

Running a course in-house gives you the following benefits:

- Train a large group of people without having to pay for their travel and living expenses

- You can decide when you need and want the programme to be presented

- You can receive vital training without having to leave your office

- Reduced rates compared to public sessions

Business Partners

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- Alviwize

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