Colin Heads & Associates

Contact Person: Colin Heads
083 265 5065
Colin is an Employment Relations Specialist who provides IR and HR training, consulting and arbritation. Retainers are also offered.

Full Company Profile:

For over twenty years through an energetic and motivational approach, Colin Heads has been trusted by organisations to provide customised training and sound advice - enhancing all facets of employment relations, resulting in improved productivity and increased profits.
  • Because all our training and consulting interventions have a people centric approach.
  • We offer customised training programs aimed at improving poor work performance in the workplace.
  • We provide cutting-edge employment relations advice and guidance through our retainer programs.
  • We understand the need to improve the quality of your leaders and can tailor-make our leadership program to suit your needs.
  • We have programs to empower entrants into the HR field.
  • We can educate and assist your line managers and HR practitioners in how to manage in a unionised environment.
  • We can educate your line managers to manage misconduct at work and take the headache out of chairing disciplinary enquiries.
  • We can help facilitate your restructuring / mergers and any retrenchment processes that may be necessary.
  • We can provide you with a "second opinion".
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