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At Svalinn we focus on financial wellness for employees and the employer. we offer services across the employee benefits space in regard to group life, pension/provident funds and medical aid/hospital plan options, as well as financial wellness 101 for employees. Our financial wellness 101 is a presentation given to staff members in a group or individually which covers all aspects of financial planning including the importance of a Will and estate planning. This is presentation is at no cost to the employee or employer.

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A big part of our business is the financial wellness 101 for employees, our presentations ensure a clear understanding of often confusing financial terms and requirements. We cover the following points: 

Estate planning, the importance of a will and what happens without one, Long term insurance as in life cover, short term insurance as in car and household, discretionary and non-discretionary savings (Retirement and unit trusts/savings accounts) as well as medical aid and hospital plan options for the family. 

This presentation can include the employee benefits each member has in place, we see that more often than not many companies have benefits in place, but each employee is not sure on the cover they have or how it actually works in regard to death, disability or retirement. 

We like face to face interaction and therefore it would be great to hear from you in order for us to setup a meeting where we can discuss the needs of your company and its employees. 

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