People Management Solutions (PTY) Ltd

Contact Person: Ren Mouton
Phone: 0760924001
Phone2: 0466241400
City: Port Alfred
Province: Eastern Cape
HR services; Skills Development; Business Loan assistance; Training and facilitation services; Occupational Health and Safety training and audits

Full Company Profile:

People Management Solutions offer the following services:         

  1. Assist with obtaining business loans
  2. Advice and drawing up of employment contracts and/or confidentiality agreements.
  3. Assist with:
    • Probationary employee disputes;
    • Unfair labour practice disputes;
    • Unfair dismissal disputes;
    • Retrenchments;
    • Organisational development;
    • Independent contractors;
  1. Investigate misconduct and prepare recommendations for disciplinary action to be taken, if applicable.
  2. Assist with preparation for case to be heard at CCMA and provide documentation for legal counsel.
  3. Chairing of disciplinary enquiries as well as prosecuting on behalf of the employer and representation of employees (when permitted) in internal grievance and/or disciplinary enquiries/incapacity enquires (medical/ performance/compatibility etc.).
  4. In-house training and facilitation on employment law.
  5. Drawing up of company codes and policies and procedures manuals as well as the induction and training of staff.
  6. Retrenchments, restructuring and organisational development and Assist with handling of Strikes and picketing.
  7. Payroll administration and Employee benefits. 
  8. Security screening of employees/prospective employees and service providers.
  9. Consulting services on all aspects of HR and IR.
  10. Occupational Health and Safety training. 
  11. 2019 Additional training courses available:
    • Diversity and Conflict Management
    • Change Management
    • People Management
    • Relationship Management
    • Leadership
    • Project and Risk Management
    • Financial Management
    • Skills Development
    • Best Practice Management
    • Communication
    • Administration
    • Legal Framework
    • Human Resource Management
    • Labour Relations
    • Team Dynamics
    • Facilitator
    • Workplace Productivity
    • Communication and Interpersonal Management
    • SA Legal framework
    • Labour relation Statutes
    • Statutory considerations in Labour disputes
    • Litigation
    • Conciliation and Arbitration
    • Awards and internal CCMA processes
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