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Blendavenda Smoothie Bikes provide a fun, active and engaging way to motivate your staff at any wellness day or other staff event. Participants hop on board one of our smoothie bikes and simply pedal for 500 metres making themselves a delicious and healthy smoothie. This unique activation promotes not only an active lifestyle, but also healthy eating as well. Guaranteed to add smiles and selfies to any event and ensure staff eagerly get involved in your day.

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Blendavenda Smoothie Bikes supply smoothie bikes for wellness days and staff activations.  Our smoothie bikes are a unique, fun and engaging way to motivate your staff to lead an active lifestyle and enjoy healthy eating.  They also promote participation in your wellness or other staff event and can be used to provide a competitive element to the day.

Our staff are very experienced at engaging with staff and encouraging them to participate.  Also, our smoothies are tasty, nutritious and prepared from the best quality ingredients.

We bring a lively professional team, supply the most robust equipment and always use top quality ingredients to ensure the best service for you.

Blendavenda Smoothie Bikes has been in operation in the UK since 2003 and in South Africa since 2010.  We have acted for a wide range of corporate clients in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

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