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At iLearn, it is our purpose to empower people to empower others. We aim to do this by working together with companies to implement continuous, blended learning solutions that create meaningful learning experiences and outcomes.

Full Company Profile:

Our 18 years in skills development has enabled us to develop a keen understanding of how to make the complex, simple. Thereby, saving our clients time and providing complete peace of mind.

Our people are reassuringly human. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable and will expertly guide you through each learning experience. If you are looking for a company who wants to invest in your people and your future, then you are at right place!

Our Transformative Learning Solutions include:

  • Traditional Learnerships
  • Blended Learnerships
  • Hosted Learnerships
  • Instructor-led Short Courses
  • Learning Experience Platform
  • Off-the-shelf Digital Learning Course Library
  • Training Administration Platform
  • Skills Audit
  • Custom Course Development


Short Courses

Digital Learning Solutions

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