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Specialist in human behaviour, inspiring passion and growth by managing change and building  high-performance teams to succeed.

Full Company Profile:

Our Vision 

To build long term committed relationships with our clients while supporting, training and inspiring change to ensure powerful results.

Our Success and Expertise

We provide expertise, knowledge and skills that have been built up over many years in small to large corporations in various business industries, in the United Kingdom and Africa, with a focus on:  

  • Business development and growth by following through on strategy;
  • Managing the ongoing change businesses face and planning for the future;
  • Building high-performance teams;
  • Creating healthy working environments;
  • Expanding the success of businesses by inspiring individuals to self-lead. 

Our Service Offering 

Keynote Presentations:   Engaging and entertaining presentations are tailored to blending your key messages with our methods for success. 

Our presentation topics include Managing Change, Employee Health and Wellbeing in Business, Corporate Culture, Employee Engagement, Recognition and Retention, Leadership, Mind Management for Success and Time Management. 

Corporate Training:   Soft skills training programmes are tailored to meet the organisation’s needs while ensuring that the individuals not only receive rich content, but also an environment for collaboration and essentially time to implement aspects of the training immediately and continuously. 

Training focus areas include, but are not limited to: Time Management, Change Management, Management (Leadership) Skills, Conflict Management, Customer Service and Guest Relations.

Change Management Consultancy: We will work alongside your team to -

  • Oversee and lead the change management project, including the researching, implementation and assessment from start to finish,
  • Engage with employees ensuring their acceptance and participation in the change for heightened success,
  • Guide the communication and perception of employees,
  • Minimise employees’ resistance to the change and protect the wellbeing of the organisation,
  • Ensure project goals are met and executed by working with numerous internal resources,
  • Mentor, support and empower those in leadership positions,
  • Concentrate on employee development, behavioural and culture change through training,
  • Identify any recruitment requirements,
  • Conduct continuous evaluation and where necessary redirect the project to ensure strategic goals are met,
  • Clear reporting to stakeholders identifying ROI, and
  • Celebrate the milestones met along the path to retain motivation and momentum across the team.
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