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EES-SIYAKHA is a leading Employment Equity transformation consultancy in South Africa. We have specialised in the EE field for the past 20 years. EES-SIYAKHA has developed structured and packaged interventions, and distinctive methodologies and tools, including a unique software application, Equity Pro, that factors in all relevant aspects. We are experts in the development and implementation of EE Plans and the submission of the required EE Reports, and also assist companies to comply with D-G Review requirements.

Full Company Profile:

Who we are

EES-SIYAKHA is a Level 2 B-BBEE Transformation consultancy that has focused on EE transformation and Human Resources Development for the past 19 years, specialising in partnering with its clients in turning Employment Equity (‘EE’) Compliance to their business advantage.

Compliance with the EE Act and the achievement of sustainable EE transformation

Whilst the EE Act provides the framework for EE transformation, mere compliance with its provisions does not translate into sustainable transformation. Using their clients’ EE Act obligations, EES-SIYAKHA facilitates the achievement of sustainable EE transformation – as well as minimising its clients’ risk of having to pay a fine of 2% of turnover (as a result of having Non-Compliant EE Plans or not implementing them.)         

What is sustainable EE transformation?

Sustainable EE transformation means to increase the number of Blacks in the higher occupational levels significantly, whilst at the same time increasing organisational sustainability, profitability and shareholder value.   

How does EES-SIYAKHA facilitate sustainable EE transformation?

We have developed several methodologies, tools, and processes, including Equity Pro, an EE Goal Setting and Management Software application that, coupled with high level consulting expertise, are used to assist our clients to:

  • Develop Best Practice EE transformation strategies, policies and procedures to manage its EE and EE Act compliance obligations strategically and effectively.
  • Forward plan their current and future Human Capital requirements when developing their EE Plans.
  • Set compliant and achievable EE Numerical Goals, aligned to B-BBEE targets, coupled with the preparation and management of the development of identified Black talent, also across large organisations.
  • Manage the appointment and talent management process effectively so as to ensure that its clients’ EE Goals are actively and diligently pursued and achieved.
  • Use the EE Act as a strategic lever by:
  • Through Clients’ Section 19 Analyses and Review of HR Policies, Procedures, Practices and Working Environment, facilitate the identification of gaps between existing HR Policies, Procedures and Practices, and Best HR Practice, constituting barriers to the advancement of designated group persons   
  • Through their EE Plan Non-Numerical Goals and AA Measures, designing how these gaps are to be closed, and where applicable, how HR Policies are to be improved and/or developed
  • Identifying and removing barriers to transformation in mindsets, values, behaviours and attitudes.
  • Closing these gaps and removing these barriers through the effective implementation of their EE Plans.
  • Assist clients with the implementation of AA Measures, including the development and improvement of Best Practice HR Policies and Procedures
  • Institutionalise the effective implementation of their EE Plans, and their management of EE Transformation, inclusive of training of HR, EXCOs, EE Committees and Line Managers, and the offering of a retainer service.


How closely is your EE implementation aligned to sustainable EE transformation? 

EES-SIYAKHA offers the following services to determine what value add (if any) it can offer prospective clients in this regard and/or to facilitate buy-in from the Top:

  • A free online assessment questionnaire that is used to assess employers’ level of EE Plan compliance and EE Plan implementation, and possible risk, as well as a comparison with Best EE Practice.
  • More in-depth EE compliance and implementation assessments with various cost options.
  • EXCO presentations/half-day workshops aimed at facilitating buy-in for sustainable EE transformation.
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