Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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Short Description: At TEAM ALLEGIANCE we understand the vital role data and technology plays in Human Capital management. By applying data analysis to key HR questions, we eliminate the guesswork and base our answers on hard facts backed by data. One of the main challenges we’re facing in the workplace today is employee engagement, or rather, the lack thereof. Currently in South-Africa only 9% of the workforce is actively engaged. Of the 91% who are disengaged, 45% are actively disengaged. Engagement drives performance for individuals, teams and organisations. Improved employee engagement leads to improved business outcomes and essentially increased Return on Employee Investment (ROEI). At TEAM ALLEGIANCE, we aim to improve employee engagement challenges by: • Measuring and analysing the state of engagement in your organisation • Identifying areas in which you're doing well & critical improvement areas • Providing the data necessary to manage the 'soft human elements' in your organisation
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Short Description: FeedbackRocket offers award-winning technology which enables important work-place conversations that would never happen face-to-face. Our primary products include the 360 degree survey, employee engagement survey and exit interview solution. FeedbackRocket's unique chat functionality enables managers to follow up on any comment or rating by an anonymous respondent through a private, online text conversation with that respondent (who remains anonymous throughout). It's a very powerful way of opening up the lines of communication in the work-place. We also apply an advanced statistical and actuarial approach to the analysis of your data, to give you the important insights you need to actually improve the business and the management team.