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Cape Town Western Cape

Peas in a Pod Leadership Academy is an accredited training provider focused on helping organisations elevate their results through the development of ACTIVE© Leaders, and the Emotionally Intelligent, Growth Cultures they in turn create. We facilitate a sustained shift in leadership skills through our neuroscience based, Strengths focused, high impact, ACTIVE(c) Leadership approach which integrates training, coaching and applying what is learnt. Real results that help your leaders, teams and organisation move forward and grow with greater confidence.
Pretoria & Cape Town National

Placement Partner Recruitment Software enables top South African recruiters to be the best. Manage and measure your recruitment team with detailed activity reports. Keep track of your clients, candidates and vacancies and easily handle ad-response. Flexible monthly subscription with dedicated local support and training to assist you along the way
Cape Town Western Cape

We are a training and coaching company specialising in customised interactive communication workshops, which change behaviours of individuals and teams.