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City: Cape Town
Province: Western Cape
Short Description: Niche employee well-being service provider providing comprehensive well-being solutions to organizations. Customised to be relevant and cost effective for SMME's and macro enterprises. Focused well-being solutions through expert partnerships and specialist providers. Focused on partnership approach and building of internal capacity of an organization. Emphasis on improving the quality of the work and life of employees. Emphasis is placed on pro-active well-being interventions, not only curative work. Level 4 BBBEE contributor with 100% South African ownership and Southern African footprint.
City: National
Province: National
Short Description: We are a focused culture consulting & training company that partners with you to build an intentional culture, aligned to your long-term strategic vision. Our 3 step journey empowers our customers to: 1 – Identify & engineer a strategic company culture. 2 – Achieve sincere leadership buy-in, forging custodians of the culture. 3 – Inspire employees to live the culture & achieve greater engagement & productivity in their work, through values alignment.