Fixed Term Contract of Employment

Fixed Term Contract of Employment


XYZ Company

(herein after referred to as “the Company”)


X Y Zimmer

(herein after referred to as “the employee”)


This Fixed Term Contact of employment will commence with effect from [DATE] and will terminate on [DATE].

This contract of employment may be renewed by agreement at the end of the fixed term for a further term.  However it is expressly agreed that there will be no expectations or rights to further renewals in the future.  Neither shall the employee acquire any right to permanent employment if the Company does not renew this contract.


The normal working hours will be from [START TIME] to [END TIME] with a lunch break from [START TIME] to [END TIME] from Monday to Friday.  By signing this contract the employee undertakes to agree to perform such overtime duties as may be reasonably required from time to time, provided this does not exceed the limitations laid down in relevant labour legislation.

Overtime pay will be calculated and paid at the rate prescribed by current labour legislation and will be processed by payroll and paid on the company’s pay date.


During employment under this Agreement, the employee will faithfully and diligently perform the duties in the capacity of [JOB TITLE] to the best of their ability and to the Company’s standards and expectations as per the duties detailed in the Job Description.


The employee’s principal place of work is [PHYSICAL ADDRESS].


The employee’s remuneration shall be the gross amount of [BASIC SALARY] per month and deductions will be as per statutory obligations such as UIF and PAYE.  The employee is advised to make an appointment to see the Payroll Administrator during the first week of employment so that the payroll earnings and deductions can be fully explained and understood.  The Company’s salary payment date is the [DATE] of each month


The employee is entitled to one days annual leave on full remuneration for every  seventeen days worked.

Annual leave must be applied for and granted in advance of your leave dates.  Approval of leave is subject to the needs of the business and the employee’s accrual of leave days available.

On termination, payment of accumulated leave will be paid with the employees’ final salary payment.  Any leave taken in excess of entitlement may be deducted from the final salary payment.


The employee is entitled to one days paid sick leave, for bona fide incapacity as a result of illness, for every twenty-six days worked.  The employee must ensure that their manager is notified by no later than 10:00 am on each day of absence.

A medical certificate may be requested when an employee is absent for more than two days or if an employee is absent on more than one occasion during an eight-week period.


Other than the conditions of service detailed in this document, the employee will be subject to the conditions of service laid down in the Company’s policies and procedures as amended from time to time.  These policies and procedures are electronically accessible or paper copies may be requested from the Human Resources Department


The employee will be subject to the Company’s disciplinary and grievance codes and procedures and these are also accessible electronically or from the Human Resources Department.


During the course of employment the employee will not, without the prior written consent of the Company be engaged in any competitive or part-time business.


All Materials and all Intellectual Property Rights therein shall belong to the Company and the employee hereby assigns all such Intellectual Property Rights (whether now existing or hereafter arising) to the Company.

The employee hereby waives any rights that the employee may have to be identified as the author of any of the Materials or to object to derogatory treatment of any of the Materials.

The employee agrees that all Materials created by the employee shall be disclosed immediately to the Company.


The employee must not, either during employment, otherwise than in the proper course of duties, or thereafter, without the written consent from the Company being first obtained, divulge to any person firm or company and shall during the continuance of the employment use their best endeavors to prevent the publication or disclosure of any confidential information of the Company and any Associated Company or any of its or their secrets, dealings or transactions whatsoever which may have come or may come to the employee’s knowledge during their employment or previously or otherwise and which include but are not limited to the following matters:

(i) the working of any manufacturing process or invention or any other methods formulae technical data and know how used by or which relate to the business of the Company;

(ii) lists of customers and potential customers of or suppliers and potential suppliers to the Company and any Associated Company and any other information collected by the Company and any Associated Company in relation to those customers or suppliers; or

(iii) the dealings or transactions or other business affairs of the Company or any Associated Company and its or their finances or management accounts.

This restriction shall cease to apply to information or knowledge which may (otherwise than by reason of the employees default) become available to the public generally without requiring a significant expenditure of labour, skill or money).


Either party to this agreement may terminate this contract by giving the other party a minimum of four weeks written notice.

_________________________________          __________________________

Director’s Name                                                        Date

Signed for and on behalf of

XYZ Company

I, ________________________________________________________ hereby accept the terms and conditions of employment as set out in this Agreement.

_______________________________              __________________________

[EMPLOYEES NAME]                                            Date

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