Garnishee Notification Letter to Employee

Garnishee notification

Dear Employee

Attached please find a garnishee received by the payroll department. A garnishee is an order made by the court forcing the payroll department to deduct this money from your salary and pay over the money to your creditor.

The first deduction of R ……. will be made from your (month)…….. salary.

You’re Rights

You have the right to dispute the amount of the loan/outstanding debt, as well as its existence or validity. If you believe you have already paid off the debt, or you believe it is for a lower amount than you can bring this to the court’s attention. (See the clerk of the court).

You have the right to request a statement of the payments made and the amount still owing to the creditor. This statement must be provided by the creditor or his attorney for no charge at any time, provided the request is reasonable. This provision allows you to keep track of the payments that you are making and check to see the impact of there on the total debt.

Finally, should you feel that this amount is not reasonable or that you cannot afford to pay this amount then you have the right to appeal this amount.

To appeal you need to go to the clerk of the court that issued the garnishee and state your case.

Please sign the attached copy of this letter as acknowledgement of receipt of this letter and the copy of the garnishee order.

Should we not hear from you by the … (date) … then the garnishee order will be implemented.

Yours faithfully

Payroll administrator

I ………………………………………., herby acknowledge receipt of this letter and a copy of the garnishee order.

Date : _______________________ Signature ___________________________________

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