Smoking in the Workplace



To ensure that all employees are aware of and understand that tobacco use is extremely dangerous to the health of both smokers and non-smokers, thereby enhancing and protecting the fundamental rights of all citizens, and more specifically our employees, by discouraging the use of tobacco products, in order to reduce the incidence of tobacco-related illness and death.


COMPANY XYZ as an employer has a Legal obligation to comply with the regulations of theTobacco Products Control Amendment Act No.12 of 1999 and any other relevant legislation.

It is each and every line manager’s responsibility to ensure that both staff and visitors adhere to company guidelines in respect of the Smoking of Tobacco Productsin their respective areas of responsibility.

It is furthermore the responsibility of every employee to respect the rights of one another and to adhere to company Smoking Procedures in terms of the Act.

Control over Smoking of Tobacco Products

In terms of the Act the smoking of tobacco products in any public place is prohibited, which includes a “Workplace”.

  • A workplace is considered to be:
  • Any indoor or enclosed area in which employees perform the duties of their employment; and
  • Includes any office, boardroom, training facility, corridor, reception area, lobby, stairwell, elevator, cafeteria, washroom, toilet, or other common area frequently visited or used by employees during the course of their employment; but
  • excludes an area specifically designated by the employer as smoking area, which complies with the prescribed requirements.

Designated Smoking Areas

The following applies where no smoking rooms have been allocated for staff use:

  • The designated smoking area may not exceed 25% of the total floor area of the workplace;
  • The designated smoking area must be separated from the rest of the workplace by a solid partition and an entrance door on which the sign “SMOKING AREA”is displayed, written in black letters only, at least 2cm in height and 1,5cm in breadth, on a white background;
  • The ventilation of the designated smoking area must be such that air from the smoking area is directly exhausted to the outside and is not re-circulated to any other area within the workplace.

Required Notices & Signs



  • Notices and signs indicating areas where smoking is permitted and where it is not permitted must be permanently displayed in strategic areas and areas with high employee and visitors traffic, indicating that smoking is not permitted and must carry the warning: ”Any person who fails to comply with this notice shall be prosecuted and may be liable to a fine”
  • Line Managers and employees in control of a workplace must ensure that no person smokes anywhere other than in the designated smoking areas.
  • Line Managers must ensure that:
  • Employees who do not want to be exposed to tobacco smoke in the workplace are protected from tobacco smoke in that workplace;
  • Employees who object to tobacco smoke in the workplace are not retaliated against.

Selling of Tobacco Products at the “Workplace”

  • The company has taken a decision to prohibit the selling of tobacco products at the “Workplace” which includes selling from Vending Machines, Vendors and Cafeterias.

Offences and Penalties      

  • Any employee who is found to be in breach of company procedures by smoking outside of an agreed Designated Area, will be disciplined based on the company’s Disciplinary Code and may lead to dismissal if continually ignored.


  • COMPANY XYZ’s Business Premises

Due to the size and nature of the company, Business Divisions within each business site will have to jointly review the current policy being applied based on the geographical layout and structural restrictions.

  • Consultation

The company respects the preferences of both non-smokers and smokers, but where these are in conflict, the preferences of non-smokers should prevail as per the intention of Legislation.

COMPANY XYZ, does not want to be totally prescriptive in terms of the number of times affected staff may leave their workstations or offices to smoke. It is suggested that tea and lunch breaks mainly be used for this purpose and that Line Managers use their own discretion as to the number of breaks to be allowed between the above breaks. This policy may be amended once the principle has been established to ensure consistency through out the Group

  • Important

Staff, who wishes to stop smoking, may contact Group Human Resources for referral to an established and recognised support group.

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