HRworks are releasing a series of HR Podcasts starting off with Onboarding.

A number of senior HR professionals from large corporate companies were interviewed with the purpose of leveraging their knowledge, experience and expertise which will be shared with you.

HR professionals from the following organisations participated in the first round of Podcasts:

  • Glacier by Sanlam – Head of Human Resources
  • Ooba (Pty) Ltd – Head of Human Resources
  • Weylandts (Pty) Ltd – Group Human Resources Manager
  • Principa Decisions – Human Resources Director
  • Investec Asset Management – Head of Human Resources: Africa
  • Clicks Group Limited – Group Learning & Transformation Manager



 HR Podcast No.1 - Onboarding


Future HRworks Podcasts will be covering typical HR key areas such as:

  • Corporate culture
  • Talent (retention, attraction, brand management)
  • Succession planning
  • Labour Law advice
  • Employee wellness
  • Absenteeism and employee engagement
  • Racial issues, Transformation, Cultural diversity
  • Remuneration and reward strategies
  • Technology and Social Media in the workplace
  • Training (Leadership Development and Emotional Intelligence)


The Podcasts take the form of a casual discussion facilitated by Mark Baker and recorded by Theran Knighton-Fitt of Mygrow on behalf of HRworks.